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February 2005

How are they THREE already?!?!?

Babies Born in February 2005
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This is a community for anyone expecting a little one in February 2005. Anything related to conception, pregnancy, or babies in general is welcome!

To prevent problems with trolling, all requesting membership will be checked out. If your journal is not public - or if the posts about your child aren't - the mod will request you friend her just long enough to see "proof" that your child is real... then you can unfriend her again. Sound kinda strict? We've been burned by fakes before and we're trying to protect our families. If you're legit, we're trying to protect your family, too.

I know we're not about diapers - but here's some more info on why we're so careful with pictures. All members are encouraged to post photos friends-only...

Your friendly Feb mod is gen_here - my email address is available in my user info if you have any questions/problems.

Our list of kiddos in order of appearance can be found HERE (viewable to members only).

If you are a member and would like your child added to the list, please fill out THIS POLL and leave a comment to any of gen_here's posts or comments so I know there is a new addition. Thanks!