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I told you I was going to suck at this this year - February 2005

Feb. 22nd, 2009

10:37 pm - I told you I was going to suck at this this year

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I'm so sorry. I don't want to turn this into a "woe is me" post - just please know, again, my lack of posting on time has absolutely nothing to do with any of you. I hope your little had/will have a excellent 4th birthday. I'm working on getting Robert's pics up - and I hope some of you will consider sharing some of your preschooler's special day with us as well.

Happy, happy, happy birthday to...

February 15
Shawn Alexander Fine-Solomon - son of Jamie (damn_girl)

February 16
Ruby - daughter of Michelle (bondo)

February 17
Madeline - daughter of Victoria (_princess___)

February 21
Katy - daughter of Ruth (heartsoflove)
Elias - son of Alicia (Ali - ali_llanas)
Samantha (Sam) - daughter of Danielle (slinksgirl)

February 22
Lorelai - daughter of Corby (forbiddenpluto)
Oliver James - son of Sarah (sassydot)
Zachary (Zach) - son of Natasha (whtrbbt420)
Emma Leigha - daughter of Aimee (laguna_dreamzFebruary 23</b>
George Thomas Nicolas L. (The Baby Bee) - son of KathyKat (kathykat)
Madeline - daughter of Jasmine (alabaster_ocean)

February 24
Kai Ryan - son of devineone

February 25
Hayley (Bug, Girly) - daughter of Tiffany (tk_1123)
Gage Elliott (Pootie) - son of Kat (f1ymetothemoon)

February 27
Svetlana (Lana) - daughter of Crystal (blissurrenderd)

February 28
Abby (Big Baby) - daughter (pudgybudgie)
Katie Grace - daughter of Keri (kschouten)
Tyler (Tyler Maximus) - son of Tami (gimmestarbucks)