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February 2005

Feb. 10th, 2015

02:35 am - I know LJ is dead...

... but I wanted to wish a happy 10th birthday the kiddos, and send a thanks to all the moms (and dads) that helped usher me into this crazy adventure!

Feb. 4th, 2011

08:29 pm - Happy birthday, "babies"

Hi there moms!

I need to apologize for not being up on this community's birthday announcements this year. I've been exhausted by a current pregnancy, and I simply forgot to do it.

So happy SIXTH birthday, kiddos!!!!

Please, if you have time, take a couple minutes to update us about your February 2005 cutie!

Sep. 23rd, 2009

03:26 pm - Free Kids Project e-Book

Hi ladies!
I read about this today and thought you might be interested. It's a free, downloadable e-Book call Fun, Fabulous and (Mostly) Free Projects for Preschoolers.

You can read more about it HERE and download it from the link at the bottom of that page (THIS LINK).

I hope you're all doing well! Hug those big 4.5 year olds extra tightly =)

Feb. 22nd, 2009

10:37 pm - I told you I was going to suck at this this year

I'm so sorry. I don't want to turn this into a "woe is me" post - just please know, again, my lack of posting on time has absolutely nothing to do with any of you. I hope your little had/will have a excellent 4th birthday. I'm working on getting Robert's pics up - and I hope some of you will consider sharing some of your preschooler's special day with us as well.

Happy, happy, happy birthday to...

February 15
Shawn Alexander Fine-Solomon - son of Jamie (damn_girl)

February 16
Ruby - daughter of Michelle (bondo)

February 17
Madeline - daughter of Victoria (_princess___)

February 21
Katy - daughter of Ruth (heartsoflove)
Elias - son of Alicia (Ali - ali_llanas)
Samantha (Sam) - daughter of Danielle (slinksgirl)

February 22
Lorelai - daughter of Corby (forbiddenpluto)
Oliver James - son of Sarah (sassydot)
Zachary (Zach) - son of Natasha (whtrbbt420)
Emma Leigha - daughter of Aimee (laguna_dreamzFebruary 23</b>
George Thomas Nicolas L. (The Baby Bee) - son of KathyKat (kathykat)
Madeline - daughter of Jasmine (alabaster_ocean)

February 24
Kai Ryan - son of devineone

February 25
Hayley (Bug, Girly) - daughter of Tiffany (tk_1123)
Gage Elliott (Pootie) - son of Kat (f1ymetothemoon)

February 27
Svetlana (Lana) - daughter of Crystal (blissurrenderd)

February 28
Abby (Big Baby) - daughter (pudgybudgie)
Katie Grace - daughter of Keri (kschouten)
Tyler (Tyler Maximus) - son of Tami (gimmestarbucks)

Feb. 3rd, 2009

11:54 am - I haven't kept up with this.

How fast the past 4 years have gone. Elizabeth will be 4 on the 15th and a big sister in April. Here is her 4 year pic<a href="http://s182.photobucket.com/albums/x154/andrea021880/?action=view&current=ELIZABETH1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x154/andrea021880/ELIZABETH1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Dec. 1st, 2008

06:21 pm - Trains, trains and trains!

Hey Feb OhFive! It's Holiday time again...what, if anything, are you purchasing for your child this Holiday season?

Nico didn't show much interest the past 2 years and we kept everything low key. This time he'll be with his Dad for the actual special day that we celebrate, so I guess I could just coast through again and keep it low, low key, but...I got him a "flat screen" lite brite and a sack of wooden pillars that are for building a marble maze.

I know he wants some toy that he's seen on TV a couple of times (we don't really watch The Tube much at all, very sparingly really) because he's called me VERY excitedly both times it was shown on commercial to come downstairs immediately (like, he would have preferred that I RUN) to see the glory and greatness of some new Thomas toy...*sigh*

Teenagers are a different story! One wants a laptop and the other wants a Les Paul. Hello? lol, Mom is not made of $ here!!!

Anyway, just wondering if any of you want to share your Holiday kid buying ideas. Although I got Nico's two presents at a locally owned toy shop, I refused to set foot in stores on Black Friday nor will my shoes be gracing stores any other day between now and the first week of January...any shopping I do will be online.


Nov. 11th, 2008

01:04 am

picture post!!

Everyone post!!! Its been a while!


he loves animals, and we got some beanies at a sale for 1.00 each! He's obviously in heaven!

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Sep. 13th, 2008

12:35 pm - Photo Update

Miss Lorelai is still absolutely insane. She's a blast to be around (MOST of the time). I took her to Picture People last week and the pics were fricken awesome so I wanted to share them with ya'll. :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Jun. 23rd, 2008

02:03 pm - hey heyy


CLICK HERE TO JOIN 0h_so_pretty.

Apr. 30th, 2008

01:18 am - Win a free Ergo baby carrier

Win a Free Ergo Baby Carrier from Along for the Ride

Especially for those of you that have babies that want to be part of all the family actions now that the weather's getting warmer... but they still need a little help keeping up with the rest of the fam. These carriers are great and almost effortlessly support the weight of a child while you go about your activities! This is a great contest to enter!

I'm sure that many of our February "babies" are getting too big to carry. But some of you have little peanut babies like me, and others have given their Febbers some younger siblings by now. I thought you would like to know about this contest! And, if you decide to sign up, feel free to make your own post in support of the contest in this community... as mod I'm giving you the blanket go-ahead for this one!

(PS - the baby in my icon was Robert! I can't believe how much he has changed!)

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